7 Business & Life Lessons from year 2020

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How was the year 2020 to you? Some say it was tough for them but I tell you it was a good year for some other people.

As the year 2020 is coming to an end I did some reflecting and today, I want to share 7 lessons about life and business the year 2020 thought me.

These lessons are excerpts from a talk I made over the weekend.
I hope you catch a thing or two from these lessons…

  1. Nobody is coming to save you

You should not stay down hoping someone will notice you and save you. When you want something, you have to pick yourself up and go for it. It’s even while you’re doing it that the help may come or it may not come but whatever outcome you have, you’re responsible for it.

2. 7 friends do not play together for 7 years

That’s a Yoruba proverb. You might be friends with someone today and a few years down the line you drift apart and become totally different people. The same thing can happen with a lover. It’s a law of the earth for people to leave you and for new people to come in. When you’re aware of this fact, your heartbreaks become more bearable and you’re also open to the possibility of getting something better than the one that left.

3. An online business is the best form of business to have in these climes

(With the lock downs, End SARS protests and job losses this year, it’s better to look for a way to make money online. You hedge yourself against uncertainties. Start a freelancing career, become a Youtuber, learn to trade, do affiliate marketing, create an online community or start an online store. Whatever works  best for you

4. Invest in yourself

You can’t give from an empty cup. Learn to rest, take breaks, sleep, laugh, be in the company of supportive, non judgemental people, be aware of your emotional state/mental health. Invest in books, courses, Trainings and programs- learn to pay for Access, Trainings, Courses & Programs. It opens you to whole new levels with immense benefits. You can’t charge people if you yourself are reluctant to pay for stuff.

5. Share what you know to become an expert

The fastest way to achieving your goals is helping others achieve theirs. Helping other people get results will not only give them a good lasting impression of you, it will help you achieve your own goals. Want joy? Give joy. Want love? Give love. Want friendship? Be a true friend. Want Money? (Who can tell me the response to this one?) What you earn is a reflection of the value you provide.

6.Be in charge of your brand

Do you know whether you like it or not, so far you are alive and interacting with people, they’re forming a perception of you. Why don’t you take charge of that perception? Now, what do you stand for? How do you communicate the values you stand for? How do people perceive you when they interact with you? What your personality type? Are you seen as pleasant or annoying? Do people enjoy working with you or they tend to avoid you? Now identify 3 things about yourself you need to improve upon.

Ask me questions!

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