How to get all you ever want in 2021

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The year 2021 is just around the corner and if you are to hit your goals in the New Year and beyond, you first have to hit those goals in your mind before it will even come to pass in the real world.

This is called visualization which is a simple technique that you can use to create a strong mental image of a future event.

Before I continue, I’ll tell you the story of a guy named Tej Dosa.

Pay attention to this story because we’ll come back to it later.

Tej is a very successful online business owner.

In his own words:

“After I set the intention of building a successful online business (as a teenager), I had no idea how I was going to do it. But I was receptive to life and trusted Life to figure it out.

 I would just keep my eyes open for opportunities/paths that aligned with my intention, and move with those by taking forward action (even when my mind doubted I could do it).

Then one day I was chilling on the couch late at night when I came across an ad.

It was interesting and I liked the way they were advertising the product (so I listened) and was drawn to it.

They were talking about the science of getting customers to to buy from you or respond to your advert. 

While listening, something kept pushing me to investigate further, so I hopped on Google and discovered this type of marketing is called direct response marketing (prior to this I just thought marketing was just brand awareness).

But once I learned about Direct Response, I was like holy sh*t. This is epic. Then I didn’t know what to do, but I knew to just move with Life so I decided to learn all I could about direct response. And I did. That’s when I came across copywriting and discovered OGs like Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy and started studying their work like crazy.

While I was doing this…

My mind was giving me so much resistance. Telling me shit like, “Bro you got a C- in English class, what makes you think you can write?”Bro, you don’t even know the difference between ‘than’ and ‘then’ – I’ve seen the texts you send these girls.” “Bro, F*ck sitting home all day writing, let’s go out and crack open some beer with the boys.”

But I didn’t agree with the inner doubts creeping up trying to scare me.

So I didn’t give an F about what my fear was saying or thinking.

I just let those thoughts come and go while I remained in the state of knowing and moving with the flow of life.

By moving with the flow of life I eventually ended up getting really good at marketing/copywriting and that’s what led to me fulfilling my first intention of building a successful online business.

See how this works?

I set my intention of building a successful online business, life offered me a path via direct response marketing, I went with it even though my mind resisted, and kept saying yes to life. By doing so, life took me directly to my intention and it materialized before me (it wasn’t straightforward, life took me through ups and downs, but I just kept riding the waves and keeping the dream in view and taking forward action and it came true).

This is all you have to do. You set the intention and hold it, life opens up an adventurous path for you and brings it to life. Then you move with it and ride the waves until it takes you to the treasure chest.

I don’t know why this works this way.

But it’s insane.

Every time I set new intentions and enter delusion land, life quickly starts reconfiguring itself and starts presenting me opportunities that are in alignment with my intention. All I have to do at this point is muster up the courage to act knowing that what I want is already done. And when I do (and stay in the state of knowing in spite of everything thrown at me), I emerge victorious.

Happens every time.”

Now friend, I know you’re wondering what the h*ll is your business with a guy named Tej Dosa.

I don’t care about him too but I’m interested in this age long technique and the wonders it works. Feel me?

Tomorrow, I will show you exactly how to do this and the tool you will need.

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