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Now I’ve told you what you’ll be getting as a member of the grind club community and you know that if you use the simple 9 step system which I will show you, you can solve most of your most pressing life problems and have peace of mind again.

Even though I could easily charge you 50K for access to this community, your investment today will not be up to that.

35K wouldn't be bad right? but still I'm not going to charge you that.

How about N12,000 for a whole year access?

This means you will get 12 months access to theGrind community, a FREE copy of my book which sells for N5,500 & exclusive member only trainings & bonuses @ less than N1,000 per month.

When you break it down, that's just N1,000 per month which is really nothing considering the life changing benefits of being part of the amazing Grind Club community

where you will be interacting with other progressive thinking humans who will support you & guide  you towards achieving your own goals.

Please I want you to know something...

you don’t have to join us!

ONLY you knows what is best for you...

but if you want to take the very first step  towards solving your most pressing problems & start enjoying the life of your dreams, I’d like to welcome you into the grind club community today!

Here’s a reminder for what you’ll be getting for joining the Grind Club Community for the next 12 months:

  • A FREE copy of my new book "Why You Feel Stuck" - this short book will show you why you haven't made much progress or why you've been working without seeing results (the book currently sells for N7,500)


  • You'll get a copy of my workbook so that you can implement exactly what what you learnt inside the book to produce results in your own life.


  • You will also get Access to the exact strategies, tools & blueprints I used to make my dreams come true- (it took me years of trial & error to finally get this right. You don't have to make the same mistakes I made or spend plenty years in trial & error before getting it right

Note: this will work for you no matter how far you think you've gone down the wrong path).

 (I paid over N250,000 to gain access to some of these tools & blueprints which you will be getting)

  • You will get Personal Development Trainings - I will show you how to become A NEW YOU - the type that your family, your friends & society will begin to respect


  • How to uncover your gifts & talents - I know you have a unique gifts but may not know how to Harness your inner Gifts/ Talents. I will show you how package your gift & Monetize it so you begin to make money from it. Steve Harris charges at least N150,000 for only this.


  • How to attract high quality PEOPLE to your life, As CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS or even friends. Remember your NETWORTH is EQUIVALENT TO YOUR NETWORK.


  • I will show you how to take what you have, know or love & build an internet business with it just like me. (My usual training fee for this is N75,000 per hour)


  • You will also get Guaranteed support & Access to our private Member Only Community - where you will have access to a kind, non judgemental & very supportive community of young people just like you who are also building their own dreams - it is very hard and lonely to do it on your own. You succeed faster when you are with people other people who support you.


  • You will have a FREE 15 minutes 1-on-1 access to me for 2 weeks (where I will answer any pressing questions you have & a clear roadmap to tackle them)


  • You will get priority access to ALL new episodes of The Grind Club podcast


  • Access to my personal network of experts & mindset & business leaders.


The real value of everything you will get is over N250K.

1. Why am I giving it to you for almost FREE? Because I understand what it is like to be without money or see a life changing oppurtunity and watch it pass you by because you don't have money.

2. Because I want a new set of young leaders who are action takers in my community. I know that you will buy more expensive things from me when you begin to see results & make good money with the things I will be teaching you.

So now, the choice is yours!

You can either step in and open yourself to a new world of progress & possibilities or continue to wonder why you never see results.

Your N12,000 investment (which is just 1k per month) is a prudent investment into your that could alter your life (positively) forever.

AND IF YOU GET IN NOW, YOU ONLY INVEST N7,500 ONLY Instead of the original price of N12K .

The N7,500 offer expires 15 minutes from now after which the price reverts back to 12K.

 Time has started counting so click the button below, make your payment & you have access immediately.

To get accesss, Click on  "Add to cart button below & it will take you to a secure online payment page powerd by Flutterwave  where you can pay via Card, Bank transfer or USSD to get access.

Once you pay, you will be granted access to the Community, the book & begin to get all the above mentioned resources.

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