Am I qualified to write my own book?

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As I near the launching phase of my book, I gave it to someone to read and share her feedback with me.
The next thing that happened surprised me. She read the book, enjoyed it so much and then came back to ask me this question:
“Muyiwa, why are you qualified to write this book?”. I was shocked. In fact I was taken aback and didn’t want to respond. But then I gave it a second thought and decided to grace her with a response.
Find my response to her below…

Lately, I have been studying a lot about life and the works of successful men like Victor Asemota, James Clear, Naval Ravikant and Myron Golden – all alive and hugely impacting this generation by sharing their experiences.

From what I have seen on the internet, a lot of self acclaimed “gurus” are peddling what I call quick fixes to success. “Do this one and then do that and you will be successful”.

These people are mostly always wrong!

You see, becoming successful is actually a personal decision you first have to make before anyone any idea anyone shares with you will even work for you.

Success leaves clues. The people who have gone ahead to succeed in this life have all followed certain life principles and this principles, if known and applied will work for anyone irrespective of their religious beliefs, educational qualification or geographic location.

As I continue to study successful people, I have noticed the same pattern repeat itself over and over again. They all follow the same principles and so I started to document these principles.

It is my documentation of these principles that has resulted into my oncoming book.

As you already know, I am a personal development enthusiast and I believe the only disadvantage anyone has is in life is lack of access to the right information (not knowledge as knowledge is a result of having the right information).

Some people find life changing information that can help others but rather than share it, they keep it to themselves.

That is not my style. I believe in sharing and collaboration. If you listen to The Grind Club podcast, you know I always talk about benefits of collaboration

The African culture of “not wanting to share” is the reason why Africa seems to be so backwards today. I have an abundance mentality and believe my success doesn’t stop yours and your success shouldn’t stop mine.

My goal at theGrind Club is to raise young entrepreneurs who are empowered in their minds and successful in their businesses. This is why I’m doing this.

On why I am qualified to write this book, I believe you do not need permission to become who you want to be. You don’t need anybody’s approval to do the thing your heart has called you to do.

If not me writing this book, who then?

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Wow, I just revealed the title of my book to you! This is the first time I am revealing it to anyone outside my editor and that lady I told you about.

It feels so good to have you as a part of theGrind Club.

What have you been up to ? What’s been going on with you?

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