Finally unveiled....

Top personal development expert reveals.....

"The Only Blueprint You need to take you from Stuck, Unhappy & Unproductive To Abundance, Progress & Amazing results in Your Life, Business,Career & Relationships..."

These time trusted & applied formula works all the time even if you think your village people are chasing you OR you've been doing the wrong thing for too long and believe there's no more hope for you...

Dear Friend,

I know what if feels like seeing other people getting results while you are just there looking like an Oluku...

They could be your friends, ex-school mates, your colleagues, or people in the same field & business as you...

Heck! You might have even started before them. Maybe you're even more talented than them but when they begin to talk about their results, yours is nowhere close.

It seems like you've been left behind and you are the only one who is not making progress as fast as everyone else.

You begin to feel jealous about them and start feeling bad about your own situation.

I know you might be wondering if you are cursed or it is your village people that are worrying you.

Believe me when I tell you I have been in that same situation...

I know what if feels like seeing people whom you're obviously more talented than, producing better results than you.

I know what it feels like watching your school mates getting good jobs with solid pay (above #500K) while you are there managing a measly 30K salary and praying that God should pleasetouch your bosses' heart and they should pay salary on time by beginning of next month.

I know what it feels like seeing people getting married, starting businesses and succeeding where you failed, living your dream life while you're asking God when will it be my turn and wondering where you went wrong...


Let me tell you a bit about myself:

My name is Muyiwa. My friends call me Muyiwa Lagos. (Feel free to do the same because I have a feeling we’ll soon be friends).

I’m an Entrepreneur, Podcast Host & a Personal Development Advocate. I am the founder of TheGrind Club- a budding community of entrepreneurs in Africa (I will tell you more about this later) …

In the over 7 years of running my business,  I have worked with many top organizations, businesss brands & celebrities including…

Linda Ikeji Media

Pulse Nigeria

Golden Tulip

Rideme Taxi

& Many more...

Me (in the middle) flanked by Linda Ikeji & Mr Eazi

Me & 2Baba

and honestIy, I didn't just wake up one day and become this badazz...

Truth be told, I really suffered.
I started my career as an  entertainment blogger running the now defunct website
I won't lie, I was very good at it, but no matter how hard I tried…
Thinking about it now, I was what you’d call a talented but broke blogger.

I had friends whom I taught about blogging who constantly came to me for advice,
and within few months of starting their blogging business,

They started making money in amounts I only dreamed about at that time,
I was having sleepless nights because of this … and kept wondering…
God what did I do wrong?
 Have you forsakken me?
What’s happening to my life??
What’s the problem?
When will I make it in  life?
My mother even advised me to stop this online nonsense and go and get a real job.

the situation began to affect me and before you know it, I became a shadow of my former bubbly self.

So I started jumping from one project to another, abandoning it when I hit for another one each time I hit a roadblock.

I was doing this because I was looking and hoping for my lucky break. 


So I decided to just take a break from my everything (family, friends & business) just to observe myself & the things I was doing wrong...

 I began to notice a pattern….

What I discovered was:

I was engaging in self sabotaging behavior or what you call unintentional self harm.

A research has shown that most people who feel stuck or feel like they are not making any progress in life are usually involved in one form of self saboutaging behaviour or the other...

I will tell you this today:  Most problems can never be solved if you do not:

identify the root cause & deal with it ruthlessly.

The reality is the problem may disappear for awhile if you are focusing on the symptoms (which is what most people do)

But the truth is:

If you don’t identify the root cause and deal with it once and for all,

You will just keep going round and round in circles,

Doing the same thing over & over (or even jumping from one thing to the other)

Without achieving any significant result.

You may not agree with what I’m about to say next. Your biggest enemy is not your village people. Your biggest enemy is…
Let me explain: You see, there are thoughts, belief systems & patterns hidden in the deepest part of your mind that are hindering your progress (most people are not aware of this)

& until you eliminate those thoughts, you will always feel stuck and helpless.

After I discovered this, it became obvious to me how I was sabotaging my own success.

Let me tell you something today: A lot of people who think they are not making progress in their life, business, relationships or career are engaging in one form of self saboutage or the other.

Now, imagine all the ways you have been saboutaging your own life without even knowing it.

How would your life look like if you are able to identify your own self saboutaging behaviour and stop it before you do it then replace it with something that will move you a step closer to your goals.

We become what we repeatedly do!” The habits you portray repeatedly will either make or mar you!

The Problem With Africa(n)s

Before I continue, I need you to see something so you can fix your mindset and understand why I am doing this. These picture below are the words of Reno Omokiri, a well respected aide to one of Nigeria's former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo.

Now, back to my story....

I remember the day I discovered what began to change my life. That fateful day, I accidentally stumbled upon a HUGE SECRET!


Funny thing is they were lying in plain sight but it seemed like I was blind all along!

These things, simple, yet powerful seemed out of my reach until that FATEFUL DAY…

I’ll share them with you soon


you’re really serious about Taking the bold step and deciding to become Super-Successful In Life with your unique gift or talents!

Have you ever wondered why people who are less talented are more successful than you?

There are things you do that may seem trivial but if only you knew the extent at which they have determined your present condition so far!


After I discovered these things, I won't tell you how my life became transformed.

  • I began to work with top tier celebrity clients.
  • I took a hold of my finances
  • I began to experience inner peace & happiness

& the most important thing, the blueprint for reaching my next level in life was finally created.

How would you like to discover MY SECRET LIFE CHANGING SYSTEM?

The same thing that took me years, tears & blood to finally CRACK!

as with everything in life, it is “your system” that determines whether you would be  a winner or a loser!

If you ONLY DREAM of where you want to be without at least having a framework of how you will achieve this,YOU'RE USING A LOSER'S SYSTEM!

And worse is, you don't even knowI’m not bragging.

But I’m glad to tell youI’ve identified WHAT WORKS

And the building blocks that forms this system.

If only you know what I went through but I’m not here to make you feel sorry for me, only to make a decision that will set your life on the right path.


You might have been born poor  or come from some form of disadvantage but...WHAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO LEARN IS UNIVERSAL

It will work for you if you apply it irrespective of your location,-or whether you are a Christain or a Muslim or come from a poor background.

It is not every day you will come across something that can transform your life for the better.

Now, the question is: Are you willing to apply it?

I wish someone was kind enough to show me these things when I was starting out! My life would have been so much better than it is today.

Within months of putting  this system, I began to notice obvious improvements in my life.

First, I became more confident & was now sure of my success!

Second, I began to attract opportunities I never thought was possible and because of the things I started to do, better clients began to find me and I was able to start charging far more than I thought I could.

It is what made the likes of Linda Ikeji & other big brands like Golden Tulip & Rideme taxi to hire me to helpthem grow their businesses.

This too can be your reality!

I know you may be talented, yet broke & struggling and do not even know the next step to take to better your life. 

Like Reno Omokiri said: Africans like to take their secret to the grave instead of sharing & helping other people. I’d rather have a community of empowered & successful young Africans whichincludes you.

This is why I've carefully and painstakingly documented this system in a book titled:

Here's the deal:

What you're getting in this book is working great for me, and it's the exact system that transported me from struggling broke blogger into a successful entrepreneur living a graceful &  gratifying life & I want to share it with you too.

Imagine where you would be if you knew the exact steps to take starting from today to activate the life of your dreams.

  • Where would you live?
  • Who would you work with?
  • What idea or business would you launch?
  • Who would you date & marry?
  • What hobbies would you explore?

Now I don’t know who you are or whatever it is you’re currently going through.

  • Maybe you want a better job
  • Maybe you are facing some health challenges
  •  Maybe you feel stuck in a particular situation 


you’re currently battling issues with your mental health

I’m confident that you can use the principles of this life changing program to take yourself from Where you are to a much better place than where you are currently.

See what people are saying about this guidebook & the system...

"Muyiwa really put his heart into writing this book. I felt like the book was talking to me. The content is relatable and is highly recommended for anyone who is looking to go to the next level in their business, job or relationships"

- Adaeze George, Author & Entrepreneur Owerri.

"I am delighted you have finally put into writing some of the knowledge and experience you have gathered over the years.
This book is a treasure chest of information for anyone who reads it. Kudos to Muyiwaa for sharing and giving feedback."

- Edward Nwosisi, Legal Manager, Linda Ikeji Media.

Despite the small number of pages, the book is actually insightful, attention-grabbing, enlightening and stimulating. It got me taking an account of myself and where I was lagging and adjustments to make.

It is much needed one at this time for me because I was already getting complacent. Thank you for writing this Muyiwa.

- Victoria Banjo, Freelancer & Virtual Assistant, Lagos.

Here are what people are saying about my podcast ...

This guide is far different from any other one you’ve ever come across. It’s real, truthful & straight to the point and what is shared in here is…Relatable, scientifically-proven and field-tested

 It’s NOT a traditional or regular guide.

With that understanding, let me tell you…

A Fraction of What to Expect in this work

It is a guidebook of 4 chapters. It goes straight to the point to reveal my exact system you can implement to turn your life around starting from today.

At just {36} pages, you can finish it in 2 days...

Inside it you’ll discover;

  • Why Someone Less Talented than You is More Successful than You - and it’s not luck. or destiny…Or any of those stupid things you’ve been told to make you hopeless and stop searching for answers.  It’s a combination of 3 factors which I’ll reveal to you. The good thing is: You probably know one of them already. You just need to know how to use it. Ignorance of these factors made me suffer in my early days. Do not make the same mistakes I made!
  • How to Make Best Use of Your Gift & Activate it towards living the life you want - It’s one thing to be talented, it’s another to know how best to make your talent to work for you. When I started out, I didn’t know this, But immediately I stumbled on these secrets  (which is exactly what I’ll share with you in this section of the book),There became a visible transformation in my life.... I became Chief Digital Strategist to a 2 time current sitting governor in South-South Nigeria.
  • The Exact Steps to take in order to Achieve Remarkable Success with Your Talent - Did you know that activity isn’t equal to productivity? No be who hustle pass de carry first! What’s the use of being busy if you’re not getting results?If you want to work less but earn more, this is the chapter for you.
  • The 12  Factors That Matter Greatly when turning your talent into a business - (Your Success or Failure depends entirely on a combination of 2 or more of these factors) On pages {30- 34} of this book, you’ll discover what these factors areThis book could be in your hands today!
  • You also get a guidebook that helps you implement what you have learnt - Reading & Learning isn't enough. What you need is a guide to help you implement what you have learnt in order to see results. You will get a guidebook to help you implement all you learnt inside the mainbook as part of the package
  • And Many More ...

For something that will transform your life, how much do you think it is worth?



or N10,000?

That’s a fair enough price right?Ok I’m not going to charge you that. I don’t want you to say it’s because of money that you let this life changing opportunity pass you by.

If you invest in the book today, You get it for N7,500 ONLY! 

and that’s not all..   Here’s what you’ll get alongside the guidebook:

  • A copy of the book sent immediately to your mailbox (so you can start reading it immediately)
  • A free workbook to help you keep track of your progress while implementing what you’ll learn in the book
  • Access to my Premium-Member Only theGrind Club Community - where you will meet other like minded young people and entrepreneurs (Membership to this Community usually costs N35,000 per year)
  • Mentorship from me & my successful friends
  • Specialized trainings on branding, personal development, freelancing, monetizing your skills/gift/talent ,finding happiness & more

One of the main reasons why people fail is:

You are trying to do it on your own!

It has been proven that one of the key factors for success is a group of people who support you. I advise that you do not try to do it on your own. It is hard.

When you get the book & workbook, You will become part of a vibrant group of supportive individuals who will help you achieve your dreams faster.

The great thing about jumping on this offer is...

There's zero risk involved because you have

I only make promises I can keep. That’s how I’ve grown my business for over half a decade now.

On this basis,Here’s my guarantee:

If you go through the (guidebook) ...

Prove to me that you have implemented what you learned from both the main book, workbook and TheGrind Club Community, over a period of at least 30 days,

And you are not satisfied with the results you get,

Here’s what you should do:

  • Send me an email or dm asking for your money back
  • Send me your payment details
  • Send me your account details

Once I see your message,You'll get your money back in full within 24 hours- No questions- No arguments

That said...

Here's what you should do next...

If your dreams are worth anything to you…And you’re serious about "Taking control of your life back & Living the life of your dreams, then you should grab this offer with your both hands.

Because time is of essence, and you might never find this opportunity again.

I think it’s unfair to members of TheGrind Club’s Premium Membership who pay thirty-five thousand naira (N35,000) to access the group… To just give you FREE UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to the group because you’ve invested in a book that will surely change your life.

As a result, I’ll take down the bonus offer of free, unrestricted access to TheGrind Club’s Premium Membership Community any moment from now.

This means that if you haven’t gotten your copy of (Why You Feel Stuck by Muyiwa Lagos) before then, all you’ll get when you pay N7,500 will be the book and its workbook ONLY.

I’ll be kind enough to leave the workbook because I really want you to practice what you’ll learn inside this book and keep track of your success, 

But that will be all you’ll get and you’ll miss out on saving N35,000 for yourself, and…using that money to get yourself  a nice pair of shoes or a new wig or whatever you want.

If you don’t want to miss it, click the red button below and get your copy.

(When you click it, you will be redirected to a secure Flutterwave payment link and you can pay securely through card, bank transfer or USSD.)

Muyiwa Lagos

Personal Development enthusiast & Founder, TheGrind Club

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