How to build simple payments enabled e-commerce websites in Nigeria & Ghana in 10 minutes for less than N20,000

If you run an e-commerce business in Nigeria or Ghana, you know that building an e-commerce website is expensive. The average cost of building an e-commerce website in Nigeria or Ghana is between $500-$600.

By the time you pay for a domain name, hosting, plugins and integrations and web developer fees, you would be spending up to $1,000.

However, we have just discovered a new technique anyone including a total newbie can use to build a simple payment enabled e-commerce website in 10 minutes for less than N20,000 or 285 Ghana Cedis.

With this method of building simple ecom websites, you:

  • Save money on huge developers fees
  • Receive payments from orders directly into your bank account
  • Cut out the middle man
  • Get an inventory management software for free
  • Upgrade your e-commerce business from using Instagram only (what happens if Instagram bans your account?)
  • Sell multiple products and create multiple websites
  • Make money building this simple 10 minute e-commerce websites for clients.

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