E-commerce Rolodex: How to build simple e-commerce websites that accepts payments for free in 10 minutes

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If you run an e-commerce business in Nigeria or Ghana, you know that building an e-commerce website is expensive. The average cost of building an e-commerce website in Nigeria or Ghana is between $500-$600.

How would you like to build your own e-commerce website for free in as little as 10 minutes?

This website:

  • Does not require code
  • Saves you money on developers fees
  • Accepts payments directly from your customers straight to your bank account
  • Can be setup in 10 minutes
  • Offers multiple payment methods (Credit card, Bank transfer, USSD, POD) etc
  • No need for domain name and hosting
  • Gives you free inventory management software
  • Protects you from Instagram and Facebook ban
  • Let’s you sell multiple products
  • You can even setup same website for people and charge them

Learn more here.

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