I'm happy

I’m happy with our progress so far

Hey friend,
I guess you are good today? I’m not going to lie to you, I’m happy 😁.

You see, when I started The Grind Club during the lock down in May this year, I didn’t know how far it will go. I just knew I had to create an online community for young entrepreneurs to connect and do great things.

I didn’t know if people will receive it well or I will be the only member of my community. You see, I was scared. But I decided to go for it anyway.

Worse thing, I’d move on and build something new. (I’ve always been a serial entrepreneur).

However, I must say I am impressed by the reception so far.You guys have accepted theGrind Club and I couldn’t be more excited.

The responses I get from you guys shows me that we’ve got something going. Thank you for being one of our first members. This is one group club you’ll be glad to be a part of.

I’ve created a Facebook group so we can engage better. Find it here. I believe you’re going to be an active member.

Meanwhile, did you know there are many benefits of being a part of online communities? Especially one committed to seeing you grow.

I just recorded a podcast outlining 5 benefits of joining an online community. You can listen here.

Ok here’s what I want you to do:
1. Join our Facebook group
2. Checkout benefits of joining an online community
3. Follow The Grind Club on Twitter & Instagram.

Oh and you can follow me too @MuyiwaLagos 😎.

Got a word from me? I’d like to hear from you.

Talk soon friend,

Muyiwa Lagos.

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