Microsoft Clarity Vs. Google Analytics: Which should you use?

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Between Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity, which web analytics tool should you use?

Honestly, I do not think you should pick one over the other as both of them serve very useful and complimentary purposes.

While Google analytics is the most popular free web analytics tool on the internet, Microsoft Clarity was built to also give website owners insights about user behaviour on their website.

Google Analytics gives an in-depth overview about user demography, their location, time on the website, referring keywords and a lot more, it can be overwhelming and overtly complicated for newbie users.

The Google Analytics data although very valuable, is usually hidden in a mountain of clicks and hidden menus.

Google Analytics Menu (Source)

Microsoft Clarity on the other hand has a very intuitive and very user friendly interface and is quite visually appealing. Data from Microsoft Clarity can be easily understood by both newbies and experts.

While Microsoft Clarity gives most of the same data from Google analytics, it also goes further to add heatmaps and user website session recordings.

With this, website owners can easily see the most clicked areas on their website and identify drop off points.

Overview of Microsoft Clarity

Should you choose Microsoft Clarity Over Google Analytics?

I do not think Microsoft Clarity is better than Google Analytics or vice versa. Both of them serve important website data needs. You should have both tools setup on your website. While Microsoft Clarity gives a quick visual overview of your website visitors, Google analytics gives you more indepth information.

Both tools complement the other.

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