How Nigerian companies can use their corporate website to increase bottomline

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Many Nigerian organizations do not know how to utilize their corporate websites to drive business goals.

To start with, a lot of these businesses do not have a website and the ones that do, usually have outdated or difficult to navigate sites.

A corporate website is the first indication that an organization exists. It serves as a digital sign board showcasing your company’s services 24 hours of the day and is usually the first method by which customers and clients will find you.

In these times where digital transformation is becoming the new normal, it is essential that any Nigerian organization that wants to continue to exist in the next 3-10 years must not only have a solid online presence but also begin to equip and train its personnel to gradually transform from physical into remote/cloud operations.

(This Harvard Business Review article offers tips on how to transform your company into remote operations).

One of the first points of digital transformation for any business organization is the company’s website and if well utilized, your company’s website can contribute a lot to the bottom line of the company.

Here are 7 ways Nigerian companies can optimize their website to drive business goals.

1. Ensure your website is well structured and easily navigable

No one will interact with your company’s website if it isn’t well built. Your corporate website must be built to reflect your organization’s brand image, mission & vision, values, business objectives and goals.

Your website must be built with modern technology and should be navigable on Desktop Computers, Laptops and Mobile phones and the important areas of your website must be highlighted with the appropriate “call to actions” (CTAS).

2. Invest in SEO

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. It is a way of making your website to rank on Google and other search engines. A poor ranking website will mean you will not be found by potential customers resulting in missed business opportunities.

3. Be collecting valuable customer data from your website

Not everyone who visits your website is your customer. Some of your website visitors could be your competitors who are doing a sneaking on your business. Tools like Google analytics and mixpanel can help you uncover the profile of your website visitors.

These tools provide you with useful information about the demography of your website visitors, the keywords that are driving them to your website, their location and the areas they are interacting with on your website.

You can also use what we call pixels to advertise to everybody who visited your website (including those who did not contact you initially) to remain top of the mind and make sure they reach out to you when they are ready to do business with you.

4. Take email marketing seriously 

Most Nigerian organizations do not understand the importance of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the channels that drives the most return on investment. It has been reported that for every $1 you spent on email marketing, you get $4 back. How cool is that?

I see a lot of emails from Nigerian organizations and they are very boring and do not convince anyone to take action. If you’re someone like me once I get such emails, I send them straight to the bin.

Your emails should be relevant to your customer and make them take the desired action. If you’re looking for professional email marketing companies in Nigeria, our consultancy arm can help you Contact us here.

Our consulting arm can help your organization get started with email marketing or optimize your existing email marketing procedure to boost your revenue.

5. Engage in content marketing 

Content marketing is how you showcase the expertise of your organization in order to win the trust of all your stakeholders including staff, customers, investors, regulators, the general public and the media. There are several ways you can do content marketing for your organization including PR, Industry reports, CSR and community management.

Implement the things outlined in this article and your company’s bottom line will very likely improve tremendously.

If you want to get started or improve in any of these areas, you can reach out to us. We can also train your staff on digital transformation and give you the required IT support in that area.

Let us know how we can help. Meanwhile which of the areas mentioned above is your company seeing good results?

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