Online communities: 5 benefits of joining one

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In this episode of The Grind Club Podcast, host Muyiwa Lagos takes a look at 5 major benefits of joining tribes and online communities.

Some of the benefits include:

1. No geographical restrictions

Joining an online community means you are not restricted by your geographic location. The internet gives you the opportunity to connect with people of similar interests from different cities and countries all over the world.

2. Making useful connections

Humans are social beings. Being a member of an online tribe or community gives you the opportunity to make useful connections in terms of mentors, friends and business partners.

3. Validation of idea

Some ideas are not valuable by people in your immediate surroundings but connecting with other people on the internet who are doing similar things like you means that you are not crazy after all. Seeing other people doing the same thing like you in online communities and even becoming successful at it is the ultimate validation.

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4. Opportunities for collaboration

Meeting new people brings the opportunity to collaborate on your projects. Who is a better person to collaborate with than someone who shares the same interest as you and with whom you’ve already started building a relationship with inside an online community.

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5. More learning opportunities.

Being part of an online tribe or community gives you more learning chances as you stand to benefit from various members with different experiences. You will become motivated and learn faster.

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