Whatsapp for Business Marketing: How to get more story views

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Whatsapp for business is a very powerful tool for both small and large businesses. Apart from using it to communicate with customers, it can also serve as a great marketing tool.

One of the most powerful features on Whatsapp that is often neglected by businesses is Whatsapp status.

Whatsapp status is the equivalent of Instagram stories, a feature in which uploaded photos, videos or text disappears after 24 hours.

Whatsapp Status (Source: Caroline Wabara)

Whatsapp Status can be used as a non invasive- permission based marketing. This is less annoying than outright broadcasts or Instant Messaging.

Customers love Whatsapp statuses because they can view it and only respond if they are interested in the advertised product or service.

From my observation, Whatsapp status is one of the most converting features among other Whatsapp business features.

The more views you get on your status, the more likely those views are to convert into customers.

In this article, I will show you how to get more status views for your business on Whatsapp.

If you implement this, you will be able to make more sales for your business via Whatsapp.

Are you ready, here are the steps:

1. Save as many contacts as possible in your Whatsapp Business Account

When a prospect makes an inquiry about your business, there’s a possibility that they already have your Whatsapp phone number saved. You should also ask for their names so you can store their contacts. This is important whether the customer buys from you or not.

2. Ensure your Whatsapp Status are interesting – leverage storytelling

People follow your business because they want you to fulfill a need. Once you have their contact stored, that means you can take it a step further and build a relationship with your customers. Ensure that your Whatsapp status is interesting and highly relevant to the personae of your ideal customer.

If you post irrelevant things on your Whatsapp, they may block you or stop viewing your status altogether. You want to avoid this at all cost. Post timely, relevant things. Things you can post to your status include customer reviews, showing off your latest collection, giving them some behind the scene updates about your business and even storytelling. Make sure whatever you post on Whatsapp is not all about selling, selling, selling!

You have to entertain, delight or inform them. In other words add value to your customers live so they can trust you and buy more from you.

3. Upload many statuses at once

When you upload a story on WA, you should upload several statuses at the same time. This will make the viewer feel engrossed as if they’re embarking on a journey. This works only if your statuses are interesting and you followed the points mentioned above.

4. Put the most interesting photo or video first

This is the most important among all Whatsapp tricks. When you upload several statuses at once, a preview is generated that people can see but they’ll have to click through your other statuses in order to get to your teaser.

whatsapp status for business
Whatsapp Status views

This ultimately drives up your Whatsapp story views.

Always remember to put your teaser image first before uploading the rest of your stories. That’s how to drive your Whatsapp status for both business and personal accounts.

Try this and let me know if it works for you. What are some other cool Whatsapp tips you know? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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