Why I started The Grind Club

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Follow me as I walk you through my thought process on why I started This beautiful community.

For the past 5 years or more, I’ve had the oppurtunity to work in various organizations in Youth development, Online learning, Mobile technology, Digital media, Marketing, Entertainment, Tech and even the Legal field. Despite working with some interesting organizations, I was sad and felt unfulfilled.

Why I gave my best at most of these organizations or tried to as an employee, I knew deep down I was an entrepreneur and this mindset led me to a pattern.

I would start a new venture, get bored, abandon it, go look for a 9 to 5 job.

After a few months, I will begin to hate myself for taking the job and go back to the business again. This cycle kept on repeating itself.

You see, while at each of these jobs, I will feel like oh you really should be out there building your own company. I’ve always had this nagging feeling to be a great entrepreneur and this is the reason why I felt so much unease at most of these jobs.

You can bet that I have dabbled into businesses in various fields. From Entertainment & talent management to blogging, content creation,Poultry farming, e-commerce, Consulting and food.

Some of them were monumental failures but from each of all, I took a lesson.

You bet I have fallen several times but on each time, I have gotten up (maybe I sulked for a while) but I have gotten up, dusted my butt, learnt my lessons and taken on a new challenge.

My friends say I never give up. I admit I am resilient.

To growth & planting new seeds

Have I had the smoothest career path? No. Am I saying people should abandon their jobs and dive head on into starting a business? No! I believe one can be happy in a 9-5 if they find fulfillment in their jobs.

I am just sure there are people out there who are not satisfied with the status quo. People who want to do better, be better and move to the next level in their career and businesses.

I call them the new shapers, disruptors and entrepreneurs. These are the people for whom The Grind Club was made so we go ahead and do great things.

The Grind Club is a community of like minds who come together for a common goal. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will find out more.

We will learn, laugh, connect, build friendships, business partnerships and conquer in our various endevours.

The Grind Club is open to young bright minds from across the world. Whether you’re a successful CEO, an upcoming entrepreneur or rookie midlevel career person, you are free to join us.

One thing I tell you is you will love it in here because truly, no one understands you like we do.

A toast to you & to new beginnings.

If you know anyone who would like to be a part of our community? Kindly invite them to join us. You csn share the invite on Facebook and on Twitter.

What are your thoughts? Say something below. I will read everything and reply to you.

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