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Why You Feel Stuck

& how to Unf*ck Yourself  & Get Your Life Back Starting TODAY!

... by Muyiwa Lagos

Dear friend,

If you have a talent… any talent whatsoever… but you’re yet to make a mark  in the world or make great progress in life, this could be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing as frustrating as being talented, yet…


The only thing more frustrating than that is watching people whom you’re obviously more talented than,making it more than you… in the same industry or field!I know how frustrating it can be. You can even start getting jealous of them and wishing what they have is yours!If this is you, I can only imagine the question constantly crossing your mind:


Truth is, I’ve been there before and I can confidently tell you this:You are not cursed. I was in this same shoes just some few years ago!

I will tell you my STORY....

But let me tell you this for free:

My life eventually changed when I accidentally stumbled upon a HUGE SECRET! something I call... SUCCESS ACTIVATORS 

Funny thing is they were lying in plain sight but it seemed like I was blind all along!

These things, simple, yet profound seemed quite elusive until I DISCOVERED IT…

I’ll share them with you soon BUT ONLY IF you’re really serious about Taking the bold step and deciding to become Super-Successful In Life with your unique gift or talents!

Have you ever wondered why people who are less talented are more successful than you?


The Singular Difference Between Winners and Losers!

You see,There are things you regularly do, sometimes without even knowing that you’re doing them. These things are called habits and they can make or mar us. Sean Covey says:

“Our habits either make or mar us. You become what you repeatedly do!”

Did you know there are habits you potray repeatedly which hinders your progress? 

You may not know it but you do them every day. These things accumulate yet you keep wondering why you fail where others have succeeded with ease.

I will point them out to you in a moment.

The good thing is, once identified, your bad habits can be REVERSED & when this happens, can bring about REMARKABLE PROGRESS in the LIFE of an individual.

Imagine the extent at which your habits have determined your experiences and present condition so far!

Are you happy with it?

Do you want to live the life you know you deserve or you want to keep wallowing in self pity & feeling jealous of other people's success.

It is the differnce between living up to your full potentials & waiting & secretly hoping that somebody sees you and saves you...

These things are not taught in any classroom - you would be living your dream life by now if you knew them.

What I'm about to show you in this book took me years, tears & blood to CRACK!

as with everything in life, it is “your system” that determines whether you would be  a winner or a loser!


I’m not bragging.


I’m glad to tell you

I’ve identified WHAT WORKS

And the building blocks that forms this system.

It didn’t take me one day or 2 days to find it! It took me years, sleepless nights hundreds of thousands ( on trainings, courses, workshops, books & seminars to figure it out, put it into play & see transformational results in my own life.

I now studied the lives of other highly successful Nigerians like Victor Asemota, Naval Ravikant (a foreigner), Jumoke Adenowo & Kingsley Okonkwo - who are alive today and blessing the world with their gifts (Google them) to To come to the conclusion that:

You might have been born poor  or come from some disadvantage initially but...


It will work for you as long as you diligently adopt the hidden blocks that form it.

I just wish someone was kind enough to show me these principles when I first started out! My life would have been so much better than what it is today.

As my Nigerian people would say: “Whenever you wake up that is when day begins!”

Within months of implementing this system,

I became more confident & was now very sure of my own success!

Second, I began to attract bigger opportunities becoming a highly sought after consultant amongst Nigeria's biggest celebrities (something which I never thought was possible).

Because of the things I started to do, I started charging more, better clients began to find me and I even became a Chief Digital Strategist for a current 2 time sitting governor in one of the South South States in Nigeria.




Me & 2Baba
Me & AliBaba
Me & Linda Ikeji with Mr Eazi
Me & Teni D'Entertainer
Me & Bankulli (Beyonce's A&R)
Me & Stephanie Busari (Head of CNN Africa)

My name is Muyiwa Lagos, I am the Founder of theGrind Club.

I have produced amazing results for myself, my clients & my numerous students. my results iswhat made the likes of Linda Ikeji & other big brands like Golden Tulip Rideme taxi hire me to help grow their businesses.

This too can be your reality...

I am now committed to helping young Africans to live their dream life & become the best version of themselves through the Grind Club.

I know there are many talented, yet broke & struggling young people who do not even know the next step to take to better their lives. 

Africans like to take their secrets to the grave instead of sharing & helping other people.

I’d rather have a community of empowered & successful young Africans which includes you.This is why I've carefully and painstakingly documented this system in my book titled "WHY YOU FEEL STUCK".


Here's the deal:

What you're getting in this book is working great for me, and it's the exact system that transported me from struggling broke blogger into a successful entrepreneur living a graceful & gratifying life & I want to share it with you too.

Imagine where you would be if you knew the exact same steps to take to activate the life of your dreams starting from today.

Where would you live?

Who would you work with?

What idea or business would you launch?

Who would you date & marry? What hobbies would you explore?

Think about these things and know thatIt has also worked for me; it has worked for my friends, as well as for my students and clients. 

See what Edward Nwosisi, Legal Manager of Linda Ikeji Media had to say about my book...

Another student shares her thought about the book

More of my students share their thoughts about my teachings on my podcast...

Meet some of my successful students....

@AwizzyArt used my training which he implemented, Awizzy's art business now attracts top clients every month where he makes 6 figures on the side apart from his day job. When he almost lost his top client acqusition formula, through my support, he got it back.

@MelaninJulia wasn't happy when she came in contact with me, I sat with her and outlined a startegy on what she should do next. She came back to me 3 months later, thanking me and telling me how she was able to attract clients paying her in US Dollars by implementing my system. She now runs Stragco, a successful Digital Marketing Company in Lagos.

This guide is far different from any other one you’ve ever come across.

It’s real, truthful, concise & straight to the point. 

 It’s NOT a traditional or regular guide 

It’s   NOT the“aspire to perspire” stuff you’ve been seeing about

What is shared in here is…Relatable, scientifically-proven and field-tested…  (No fluff, no bullshit & no hype).

With that understanding, let me tell you…

A Fraction of What to Expect in this work

It is a guidebook of 4 solid chapters

At just {36} pages, you can finish it in 2 days

Inside it you’ll discover;

▪ The main reason why you feel stuck 

& it seems like you are not making progress towards your goals…

▪ Why Someone Less Talented than You is More Successful than You 

and it’s not luck or destiny…

Or any of those stupid reasons you’ve been given to make you become hopeless and stop searching for answers. It’s a combination of 3 factors which I’ll reveal to you. 

The good thing is:

You probably know one of them already. You just need to know how to use it.

Ignorance of these factors made me struggle in my early days. Do not make the same mistakes I made!

▪ How to Make Best Use of Your Gift & Activate it towards living the life you want

It’s one thing to be talented, it’s another to know how best to make your talent to work for you. 

9 years ago, when I started out, I didn’t know this,But immediately I stumbled on these secrets (which is exactly what I’ll share with you in this section of the book),There became a visible transformation in my life.

The Exact Steps to take in order to Achieve Remarkable Success with Your Talent

Did you know that activity isn’t equal to productivity? No be who hustle pass de carry first! What’s the use of being busy if you’re not getting results?If you want to work less but earn more, this is the chapter for you.

You’ll also learn: 

▪ The 12 Factors That Matter greatly when turning your talent into a business(Your Success or Failure depends entirely on a combination of 2 or more of these factors)

 On pages {30- 34} of this book, you’ll discover what these factors are This book could be in your hands today!

For something that will transform your life, how much do you think it is worth?

For something that will transform your life, how much do you think it is worth?


N20,000? or


That’s a fair enough price right?

Ok I’m not going to charge you that.

I don’t want you to say it’s because of money that you let this life changing opportunity pass you by.

If you invest in the book today, You get it for N6,500 ONLY! and that’s not all.. 

  Here’s what you’ll get alongside the guidebook:

  • A copy of the book sent immediately to your mailbox (so you can start reading it immediately)
  • A free workbook to help you keep track of your progress while implementing what you’ll learn in the book
  • Exclusive access to TheGrind Club Membership (My private group for entrepreneurs where I share resources & tools to succeed in life & in business) Access to the group cost  (N35,000 but you get it for FREE if you get the guidebook today)


 (This is a great opportunity for you to meet other entrepreneurs & smart young  people as it has been proven that one of the key factors for success is a community that supports you. I do not advise that you try to do it alone. It is hard. You will get a vibrant network and a supportive community inside the Grind Club)

As a premium member of the club, you'll get tools and resources to help you build your brand, both offline and online, at no cost.)The great thing about jumping on this offer is...There's zero risk involved because you have 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I believe in making only promises I can keep.

That’s how I’ve grown my business for over half a decade

And on that basis,

Here’s my guarantee:

If you go through the (guidebook) ...Implement what you learn, both from the book and TheGrind Club Community, over a period of at least 60 days,

And you are not satisfied with the results you get,

Here’s what you should do:

Send me an email or dm asking for your money back.

Send me your payment details

Send me your account details

Once I see your message,You'll get your money back in full within 24 hours-

No questions-

No arguments

That said...

Here’s What to Do Next

If you’re serious about using what you have- your talent-& gifts to… get exactly what you want-& unlock the life of your dreams ;

Grab This Offer NOW with Both Hands

Because time is of essence, and you might never find this opportunity again. 

Let me sweeten the deal for you. For today only, you will get access to the guidebook, the FREE workbook & PREMIUM access to theGrind Club Community for N5,500 ONLY!

Once you purchase online & securely via Flutterwave, you will be given immediate access to download the ebook, workbook & other resources.

Here's what people are saying about the book...

Adaeze N'enwu Ọkụ, Author & Entrepreneur

 Reading this book felt like it was speaking directly to me because I could identify with the valid points raised and addressed. I finished reading it with renewed determination to make some changes in my life.
He delved deep into the experiences of the average person who may feel stuck at their job, in their business, or even academics.
I totally recommend this book to anyone looking to gain insights on how to change their perspectives in order to move forward.

You really did a thing Muyiwa. Thank you for writing this.

Edward Nwosisi, Legal Manager, Linda Ikeji Media

Muyiwa is a very creative guy. I’ve worked with him on some top campaigns to build some of Nigeria’s finest brands.

He’s very keen on personal development & a great resource for anyone looking for organizational or personal growth.

Despite the small number of pages, it is actually insightful, attention-grabbing, enlightening and stimulating. It got me taking an account of myself and where I was lagging. And adjustments to make.

I even looked up, and intend to follow through.

The book is a really much needed one at this time for me because I am already getting complacent.

- Victoria Banjo! Virtual Assistant

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