My name is Muyiwa Lagos. I am the founder of theGrind Club. You've probably never heard about me in your entire life before.

However, you should take what I'm about to tell you very seriously as this could be what would change your life FOREVER.

Before I continue, I MUST WARN YOU!

Please close this page & stop reading NOW if you're SATISFIED with the state of your life currently is OR IF You already make enough money from your job or business & you think you're happy. with it. You can also go back to what you were doing IF you are LIVING UP TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL OR YOU ARE already living the LIFE of your dreams.



Am I cursed?

Is it my village people?

Why am I not making progress like others?

God where are they following me from?

If such thoughts have ever crossed your mind, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Just a few years ago, I was in this same situation, wondering why everyone else was making progress but me.

My close friend had just gotten married to a girl he proposed to inside my house…. Me? I was still in a toxic on & off relationship with my then girlfriend...

My other friend (we graduated from same uni) had just gotten a top communications job ath AirTel HQ in Banana Island earning 650K per month as head of consumer Sales. 

Numerous others who lived 2 streets from me just travelled to join their babes in Yankee & Canada.

In my mind, I was like omo, na me remain ooo...

I felt so jealous and even cried each time I remembered what others had achieved. This happened mostly at night, just before going to bed.

During this period, I was earning 150K working with a VAS company in Lekki - you know those people that used to send you SMS & your airtime will disappear? I was working with one of them.

I know you’ll think I was doing well earning 150K per month & working in Lekki (because that’s what a lot of Lagosians pray for)

but when you consider the fact that I was coming from the mainland 5 days a week (and evenworking weekends from home) + I was spending 80% of that money on transportation alone, not to talk of feeding.

When you consider these things, you will see how things were difficult for me at that time.

I could barely meet my rent.

I just wanted a better life for myself and it was at this point that I just kept wondering what was wrong with me!

I needed to know why it seemed like I wasn’t making any progress.So I looked at the last 10 years of my life and 

I began to notice a pattern….

What I discovered was:I was engaging in self sabotaging behavior or what you call unintentional self harm.why was I doing this to myself without even knowing and I wasn’t at peace!Listen:  most problems can never be solved if you do not….

identify the root cause & deal with it ruthlessly.

The reality is: the problem may disappear for awhile if you are focusing on the symptoms (which is what most people do) 

But the truth is:

 If you don’t identify the root cause and deal with it once and for all, You will just keep moving around in circles, doing the same thing (or even jumping from one thing to the other) but getting similar results over & over again...

 Without achieving any significant success.

You may not agree with what I’m about to say next. Your biggest enemy is NOT your village people. Your biggest enemy is…


Let me explain: You see, there are thoughts, belief systems & patterns hidden in the deepest part of your mind that are hindering your progress (most people are not aware of this) & until you eliminate those thoughts, you will always feel stuck and helpless.

After I discovered this, it became obvious to me how I was sabotaging my own success.

At this point, I started doing lots of research. I read lots of great books on Personal Development and the power of the mind and during my research, I developed a simple 9 step process

this 9 STEP PROCESS helped me uncover the hidden roadblocks hindering my progress.

When I started to implement it, at first, I didn’t notice any quality changes in the first 3 months but in my 4th month of using this process which I’ll show you, I began to notice a few amazing transformations.

I began to attract & work with top Nigerian artistes & celebrities… (the type everyone is trying to meet)

Me & 2Baba
Me (in the middle) flsnked by Linda Ikeji & Mr Eazi
Me & Alibaba The Comedian
Me & Bankulli (Beyonce's A&R)
Me & Teni D' Entertainer
Me & Stephanie Busari, Head of CNN Africa

I was a Chief Digital Strategist for a 2 time (present) sitting governor in one of the South South States here in Nigeria (if you're smart you'll know which governor it is).

I can’t begin to tell you all the transformation my life has experienced since discovering & implementing this simple 9 step process.

I do not struggle again

I feel at peace

I am much more happy 


I finally started to have a taste of the life of my dreams....


I’m not saying I now have everything I always wanted (f*ck it, there's still that one business mogul I want to work with).


What I'm telling you has helped me & also helped some of my friends & students to make progress in life & it can also help you as well if you are willing to try it without a doubt

I'm NOT A PASTOR & I'm not so inclined to ANY RELIGION like that. This means what I'm telling you WILL NOT TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN (LOL).



The principles in this 9 step process are universal & any man or woman irrespective of their birth circumstances, educational qualification or religious orientation can APPLY them & achieve the life of their dreams.

When I say Principles, I do not mean things like "Save 10% of your income" or "work hard & success will find you" - you and I know that it is not just by hardworkork.

What I will reveal IS NOT those “aspire to perspire” bullshit you see everyday on WhatsApp & Instagram.

I will be revealing simple, yet foundational things that can… 

undo your failures no matter how deep you are


how many years you’ve been stuck & think your current situation is irredeemable


Now I don’t know who you are or whatever it is you’re currently going through.

  • Maybe you want a better job
  • Maybe you are facing some health challenges 
  • Maybe you feel stuck in a particular situation


  • You’re currently battling issues with your mental health

I’m confident that you can use these 9 life changing principles to take yourself from:

  1. where you currently are


2. a much better place, if not, but closer to where you want to be.

This thing has worked for me. It has worked for my students, it has worked for my friends. It is left to you...

My mission right now is to help you grow in your business & help you grow as a person....

Here are some of my very successful students...



@MelaninJulia, a freelance content strategist - who went on to start working with high value clients & earning in Dollars after implementing my strategies.
Ayoola Ayodeji (aka Awizzy) who is now beating his commissions getting plenty of customers per month paying him hundreds of thousands per month through just one of the trainings he had with me. When he almost lost one of his business platforms a few years ago, it was me who helped him get it back.

Would you like to give my method a try?

To help you get started, I’d like to invite you to join my private community. In this community, you will find amazing everyday people just like you who are using my simple system to solve their problem and get ahead in life.

As a member of my community, here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get:

  •  Access to the exact strategies, tools & blueprints I used to activate my goals & bring them to life


  • I will show you how to become the better version of you so you can live up to your full potential, find clarity in your goals & experience Happiness in life


  • I will show you how to Discover, Harness & Package your Gifts/ Talents so you can Monetize them & Make Money


  • How to attract the right NETWORK, CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS TO YOU!


  • I will give you specialized trainings & resources on building a brand or business, the act offreelancing or starting a side hustle


  • I will also introduce you to my friends who are experts in various of these fields so you learn more from them + other undisclosed bonuses.


Above all, will BECOME A PART OF THE GRIND CLUB COMMUNITY, A HIGHLY SUPPORTIVE, NON JUDGEMENTAL COMMUNITY OF EVERYDAY PEOPLE LIKE YOU who are on the same journey of finding success in life, in business & at becoming better humans...

It is HARD to try and do things on your own. Most likely, YOU WILL FAIL or IT WILL TAKE YOU LONGER IF you are NOT surrounded by HIGHLY SUPPORTIVE & ENCOURAGING PEOPLE to GINGER YOU. - You shouldn't feel lonely on your journey to success!


But that’s not all...

To SWEETEN this offer (so you have no reason to refuse it), I will also be giving you a FREE copy of my new book titled: "WHY YOU FEEL STUCK"!

My brand new book!

This guidebook currently sells for N7,500.

The guidebook painstakingly documents the 9 PRINCIPLES I told you about earlier & also contains a WORKBOOK to help you implement what's inside.

This means you'll know EXACTLY what to do IMMEDIATELY once you're done with this guide.

It's in digital format so you can easily download it to your phone or laptop once you get access.



You’re probably wondering how much you have to pay to get access to my amazing community, the guidebook & also claim your other bonuses.

Just wait until you hear the price!

But before I tell you how much you have to invest today, here is what people are saying about the book, my teachings & the community...

Reading this book felt like it was speaking directly to me because I could identify with the valid points raised and addressed. I finished reading it with renewed determination to make some changes in my life.
He delved deep into the experiences of the average person who may feel stuck at their job, in their business, or even academics.
I totally recommend this book to anyone looking to gain insights on how to change their perspectives in order to move forward.

You really did a thing Muyiwa. Thank you for writing this.

Adaeze N'enwu Ọkụ, Author & Entrepreneur, Owerri

I am delighted you have finally put into writing all the knowledge and experience you have gathered over the years. This book is a treasure chest of information for anyone who reads it. Kudos to you Muyiwa for sharing and giving back!

- Edward Nwosisi, Legal Manager, Linda Ikeji Media

Despite the small number of pages, it is actually insightful, attention-grabbing, enlightening and stimulating. It got me taking an account of myself and where I was lagging. And adjustments to make.

I even looked up, and intend to follow through.

The book is a really much needed one at this time for me because I am already getting complacent.

Victoria Banjo, Freelancer & Virtual Assistant, Lagos

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